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Journeys Through America is a nonprofit organization providing educational material for all school-aged children across the country. The program will form partnerships with local school districts to provide children with a new, interactive, educational experience integrating the history of America and its National Parks. Journeys Through America's goal is to foster a fun and adventurous learning environment that will promote altruistic growth within our children and our greater community.

Author Archives

Taking Your Park Experience to the Extreme

By May 2nd 2011 No Comments »

I stumbled upon the May 2011 issue of National Geographic while enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon at my grandmother’s.  When I scanned the cover my heart dropped, my knees weakened and my hands got all clammy.  Staring back at me was an image of a climber, standing on the aptly named “Thank God Ledge” of […]

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Cycling Your Way Through Our Parks

By Mar 15th 2011 No Comments »

One thing that was apparent while traveling through our National Parks during the summer of 2010 was that every park visited had something to offer for those looking to ride bikes during their visit. In fact, quite a few may offer better views of their surroundings while being on two wheels instead of four. For instance, Acadia National […]

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Celebrating Women’s History Month in our National Parks

By Mar 11th 2011 No Comments »

This month we look back & reflect upon those women in our history who have made historic achievements. This month, we seek to honor them and their legacy. Through our National Parks, we can learn more about those who have affected the lives of millions of Americans, yesterday and today.  Our parks commemorate their achievements, […]

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Federal ‘Shutdown’ Possibility & What It Means

By Feb 28th 2011 No Comments »

Come Friday, the goverment will (hopefully) have come to an agreement regarding budget spending and proposed cut-backs, putting an end to the mounting tensions in Washington and nation-wide and officially stomping out the possibility of a federal shutdown. In late 1995 and early 1996, the US experienced their last two major federal shutdowns – in what […]

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America’s Great Outdoors

By Feb 16th 2011 No Comments »

This afternoon, President Obama delivered a much-anticipated speech – a report on the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, a program which was launched just last year in an effort to preserve America’s park lands and open spaces.  It was brief but delivered a strong message.  It was, as I understood, a call to action – not […]

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Honoring Dr. King at our National Parks

By Jan 17th 2011 No Comments »

Today, as we celebrate the birth and life-changing accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we are also welcome to commemorate the major events and influences of the Civil Rights Movement through our National Parks.  Born on January 15th, 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American clergyman and activist who quickly became a […]

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A National Park…Without it’s Most Impressive Feature?

By Dec 21st 2010 1 Comment »

I would like to make note of a few important issues highlighted by Karianne’s post last week, it’s about…well…you guessed it…global warming.  We’ve all heard about GW – maybe too much – but then again, maybe too much is not enough since we are the cause of it.  Today we are now only learning and […]

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Mesa Verde National Park

By Dec 14th 2010 No Comments »

Our trip was ending and we had finally entered the gates of our last national park for the summer. Mesa Verde National Park welcomed us with open arms and we embraced the opportunity to explore our last park for the season whole-heartedly. It was our 26th National Park and 49th out of 392 National Park […]

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Moab Pt. II: Arches National Park

By Nov 3rd 2010 No Comments »

Our visit to Moab, Arches and Canyonlands was influenced by one huge factor – we were in our last week of travels and sickness had finally trumped Karianne, and slowly but surely, I was starting to get sick too.  While we were lucky enough to be in good health throughout the majority of our trip, […]

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Moab Pt I: Canyonlands National Park

By Nov 3rd 2010 No Comments »

As we departed Capitol Reef NP we continued eastward to the lovely outdoor adventure capitol of Utah known as Moab.  Located just west of Colorado, Moab is a well-known and very eclectic town – a true home base for outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Whether your sport is mountain biking the area’s native slickrock, rock climbing, white […]

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