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Journeys Through America is a nonprofit organization providing educational material for all school-aged children across the country. The program will form partnerships with local school districts to provide children with a new, interactive, educational experience integrating the history of America and its National Parks. Journeys Through America's goal is to foster a fun and adventurous learning environment that will promote altruistic growth within our children and our greater community.

Herrin Happening

By Aug 6th 2010 No Comments »

The past two weeks at the H Bar G Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado has been an unforgettable and memorable experience.  Being away from my own family has been a challenge but the Herrin family was more than welcoming and loving. I feel as though I am now blessed with 30 additional family members.  The 2010 Herrin Happening is a family reunion that takes place every two years at the family’s beautiful ranch nestled on a hill overlooking the Colorado Rockies.  I feel very lucky to have met each family member and friend of the Herrin family and have been inspired by many of them. It is a moving feeling to see and be witness of strong family values and roots and this family has it.  I have seen the support system and love between them and have been welcomed into their circle of trust. I was fortunate enough to be part of Ashley’s cousin’s eagle ceremony, which was a moving and educational experience for me.  I have a new sense of appreciation and wonder on Chinese herbal medicine. I have learned new jokes, played new board games, hiked new trails, rode my first hoarse, fly fished, heard more ghost stories then I had cared for and finally tried homemade doughnuts. Thank you to each and every family member and friend I have met at the 2010 Herrin Happening.  You have made the past two weeks more enjoyable then you know.

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