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Journeys Through America is a nonprofit organization providing educational material for all school-aged children across the country. The program will form partnerships with local school districts to provide children with a new, interactive, educational experience integrating the history of America and its National Parks. Journeys Through America's goal is to foster a fun and adventurous learning environment that will promote altruistic growth within our children and our greater community.

North Cascades National Park

By Aug 20th 2010 No Comments »

I believe I had a predisposition that I wasn’t going to be impressed with North Cascades National Park having coming from Glacier National Park, but on the contrary, I was in fact equally impressed!!

Jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls and more than 300 glaciers define the North Cascades National Park complex.  The region is one of the most rugged and heavily glaciated areas in the United States outside of Alaska.

Three park units in this mountainous region are managed under a single administration and include North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.  These complementary protected lands are united by a contiguous overlay of Stephen Mather Wilderness.

My North Cascades experience began while driving down through Washington and witnessing one of the most remarkable sunsets I have ever seen.  Then after setting up camp under the starts, we were lucky enough to have a clear view of the Perseid Meteor shower. We watched in blissful amazement as an extraordinary natural phenomenon lit up the night sky.

The next day we set out to enjoy the 7.4 mile trail to Cascade Pass.  The moderately steep trail brings you through woods of silver fir, mountain hemlock, Alaska yellow cedar, and beautiful wildflowers, views of the Cascade Mountain Range and the opportunity to scale a glacier. This is the perfect trail to enjoy the magical and majestic forest and the natural beauty and wonder of seeing glacier fields at your fingertips.

In the evening we camped at Newhalem Campground; A wonderful campground with clean, spacious campsites and free coffee on Saturdays with a Ranger and Campground Host.  A great way to start any Saturday morning!  It was a bitter sweet way to start my Saturday morning and head out of the park but I hope you all will have the opportunity to go and enjoy what North Cascades National Park can offer you.

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