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Journeys Through America is a nonprofit organization providing educational material for all school-aged children across the country. The program will form partnerships with local school districts to provide children with a new, interactive, educational experience integrating the history of America and its National Parks. Journeys Through America's goal is to foster a fun and adventurous learning environment that will promote altruistic growth within our children and our greater community.

Redwood National Park

By Sep 6th 2010 No Comments »

“These great trees belong to silences and millennia. They seem indeed to be forms of immortality standing here among the transitory shapes of time.”  Edwin Markham, The Last Redwoods

It is estimated that old-growth redwood forest once covered close to 2,000,000 acres of coastal northern CA. 96% of all old growth redwoods have been logged, and almost half of the redwoods remaining are found in Redwoods National and State Parks.

The giant Redwood – Sequoia Sempervirens, meaning ever living.  The world’s tallest living tree, monarch of the North Coast-living link to the Age of Dinosaurs.  Redwoods grow from seeds the size of a tomato seed yet can weigh 500 tons and stand taller than the Statue of Liberty.  An incomprehensible thought yet a striking sight to see.

The view is spectacular, looking up in a grove of tall redwoods trees in northern California. I took my time allowing all my senses to focus in on where I was.  I watched the leaves move, smelled the cool scent that reminded me that fall is upon us soon. It was an overwhelming feeling, standing amongst these tall cathedral-like living trees. I completely let go of where I was, what I was doing and absorbed this experience. That’s what I have enjoyed most on this trip, letting our land have complete and total control over me.  It was humbling and peaceful to sit and enjoy this powerful effect and hope everyone can one day enjoy such feelings.

You always hear how big the redwoods are, but until you are actually standing in front of one, head back, jaw wide open in amazement, you really have no idea.

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